'ktMsgBox' far exceeds functionality
             and usability of MsgBox ! .

MsgBox is the most frequently used functions of VBA, but it has many failings :
   (a) You cannot control the position of the message box
   (b) You cannot control the color of the message box
   (c) You cannot add any additional properties to a message box
Are you satisfied with that ?    We're not !

We created ktMsgBox .   With ktMsgBox, it's a piece of cake to :
   (a) Control the position of your message box
   (b) Change the fonts line-by-line in your message box
   (c) Change the font and backgrounds colors in your message box
   (d) Apply any sound file (*.wav) to the message box

We've provided an interface that is easier to use than writing the code
for a MsgBox and the code that is created can be modified directly .

Ver 3.40 release : 16 Apr. 2018

---- Information from AddinBox  (25 Jul. 2014) ----
I translated one of the Japanese documents of the AddinBox site into English.
      [ Title  :  Breakthrough in the Pseudo-Control-Array ]
It is the Class module which realizes macro coding of the Control-Array including the event
handling at the same level as VB in Excel-VBA. With this class module, the macro such as
follows is possible in UserForm module.
      Private WithEvents WeekBtn As clsBpca    'Control-Array object (Sun to Sat)
      Private Sub WeekBtn_Click ( ByVal  Index  As  Integer )
          If  ( WeekBtn ( Index ) .BackColor  =  vbButtonFace )  Then

(11 Aug. 2014 addition)  Enter / Exit event became available in Control-Array, too.
Please try it.

 Software Name Version Size ReadMe D L Image
  The file that you downloaded from the network may be blocked by security.
  The each files that you extracted may be blocked by security, too.
  If so, please use the [Unblock] Button in the Properties Window to make it usable.
  If warning of "<file name> is not commonly downloaded and could be dangerous"
  is given by the downloading of the file, ....  
  ktMsgBoxAddin(Japanese )     3.40 783KB
  ktMsgBoxAddin for English     3.40 718KB
    ktMsgBoxAddin Syntax     [ Help File download ( ktMsgBox_Help.chm ) ]
  --- Ver3.40 Correction Contents --- 
      ( a )  Beep sound processing when displaying MsgBox has been changed.
              I changed the way of specifying the sound set in [ Control Panel > Sound ]
              from the way of directly specifying the sound file in the [ Windows\Media ]
              directory with the file name.

      ( b )  When Width / Height of UserForm was dynamically set in Excel2016, it corresponded
              to a bug that was narrower (7.5 p) than in earlier version.
                 [ UserForm is shorter and narrower than in earlier versions of Excel ]

  This Software has been thoroughly checked with "TrendMicro Virus Buster Cloud"
  and it contains no Viruses, Malware, Spyware or Sellware of any kind.

  It does development in [Excel2010SP3] and
  it is confirming it in [Excel2016,2007SP3,2003SP, ]

  ---- Information ----  (26 Mar. 2008 )
  There is a bug in the DATEDIF function of Excel. The bug has increased further in Excel2007.
  Please test the ktDATEDIF function when a correct periodic accounting is necessary.

Please send the question of ktMsgBox to Email
    (   , Remove NOSPAM from the addresses before sending. ).
( I use the translation software. Please write the question in plain English. )

When developing the English version, I had Colo's help with the English translation.
When reviewing the English sentences such as the Help Documents, I had the assistance of Ricardo A. Badani.
When checking the Add-In's operation in x64, I had the assistance of Kinuyo & Asami.

  (Since Oct. 25 / 2002)

[ Special Features ]

  Ver 3.40 is supported OS / Excel ( x64 ).

1.  Since the interface has followed [MsgBox] of a VBA function, [MsgBox] of a function name is only changed into [ktMsgBox], and it can use it as it is.
2.  Here are 2 kind of files. First one is named 'ktMsgBox' that has same interface of Msgbox and the second one is named 'ktMsgBoxEX' as an Extended Version.
3.  Same as in the case of MsgBox, when you change the setting of [screen property of control panel], it will be reflected also in a fixed font of ktMsgBox.
4.  The following settings were impossible with the MsgBox, but ktMsgBox makes it possible by specification arguments.
a)  Specification of a display position.
Using ktCell2Position (added Ver3.30), you can display ktMsgBox & ktMsgBoxEX at the position of the designated Cell.
b)  Specification of font color and background color.
c)  Specification of kind of font(Arial, Tahoma etc...).
d)  Specification of font size.
e)  Specification of kind of font and color by unit of line It enable only on [ktMsgBoxEX].
(Japanese Version) (English Version)
5.  This addin has 'The bells chime function' so you can use it as chime for call.
6.  You can change Icon and Wave sound to the files yours.
a) For example it's possible to display the "company logograph".
b) As other example, save as Wave file the voice like 'I found an Error!' or 'Processing has been done.' By using the files you can have message box with an original voice!
c) These built-in icons (4 icons of standard of MsgBox, and 13 icons of original of ktMsgBoxAddin) can be specified.

7. By the user-definition-button feature, the button caption can be freely set. The user-definition-button can be specified at 1st to 4th. The button caption can be defined such as [Yes_To_All].
8. TextBox for the entry can be specified. If using this feature, it becomes the substitution of the InputBox function. Moreover, the following feature which is not in the inputbox function can be used.
a) The width of textbox can be specified.
b) In addition to the character, it is possible to do specification at the attribute of Numerical / Date value.
c) It is possible to use the Password feature which hides a type character by "*".
9. The image can be specified in the background. In this case, the window size can be specified for an image to be displayed to the end.
10. It is possible to do close automatically after displaying for a few seconds.
11. It is possible to make display HyperLink message [HP address(http:// .... ), or mail address(mailto: ....) ].
12. There are all very many arguments but they are an omission possible argument. Describe only the argument to use. If using 'ktMsgBox wizard', the macro code of the message box can be interactively completed.

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